Like most farmers, we work seven days a week. The plants don't stop, the water keeps coming, the animals need care, and, to admit, we just love it here. We invite you to come visit and see where we grow the food you love. We always have maple syrup and meat on hand at our packing shed, and during the growing season we usually have a stock of picked vegetables. 

If you want to stop by, please contact us to make sure we're not in the middle of a project and can actually hang out with you. It also helps to know you're coming so that when you get lost, we can help you locate yourself.

We are located near the entrance to the Rollins State Park entrance for Mt. Kearsarge. This is one of the best biking hills if you're in for the challenge and a great short hike if you want to just drive up the auto road. From the peak of Kearsarge you can see Maine and Vermont on clear days, but you can't see the farm because we're down in our own secret hollow.