Good Ideas We Came Up With While Farming

And by 'good ideas', we really mean just rubbish, off-the-wall, hair-brained ramblings that sound so funny after hours on your feet out in the sun or rain or wind or snow. 

We offer this continuously growing list for two reasons:

  1.  Run with these ideas as if they were your own. We would love to see them brought into fruition, but as we are just vegetating, we can't make the fruit, ya dig? If you make millions off one of these, maybe you can buy us a truck radio.
  2. Whenever possible, we try to give an idea about what we were doing when we came up with the idea. We hope you'll better understand the day-to-day lives we have here and the variety of tasks small-scale farmers perform to grow your food.

Slylock Fox: The Movie

Slylock Fox and Max Mouse. Solving capers. A cast of wacky characters. Where the answer is right there, but our heroes just have to turn the clues on their head to find the differences...

(planting kale)


Numberwang app

If you're not familiar with the sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look, check it out.

App informs you whether your number is, in fact, Numberwang. Many numbers are not. It can lead to serious confusion. 

(washing salad mix)


Singing Outhouse

Like the birthday cards that sing or make noise when you open them, but for an outhouse. Specifically targeted for the growing #outhouselifestyle movement. 

(late night dinner with friends)



There's marathons and ultrathons and decathalons, so we propose a Pi(e)thon: a 3.14159 mile race with pies at the end. Run annually on March 14th. Treadmills will be available post-race for true mathletes who value the never-ending properties of pi.

(harvesting salad mix)


Guardians of the Garden

A movie about beneficial garden insects geared towards kids. The lady bug, bumble bee, the assassin bug! Lacewings! Praying mantis! Like Microcosmos meets Guardians of the Galaxy. 

(weeding peas)


Organic Vegetable Commercial a la Snickers

President Trump getting flustered and threatening to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and to abolish healthcare and nuke North Korea. A staffer enters and says, "Looks like you need a garden salad sandwich...". Trump eats the sandwich and turns into Obama. 

Hungry? Eat Something Real.

(weeding beets)