In the interest of providing our customers with more flexibility in timing and location, KGF offers a voucher CSA. Purchase a voucher for $300 or more and use it just like you would a gift certificate to purchase produce, meat, flowers, and syrup.

The flexibility of a voucher CSA gives our farm the benefits of a regular CSA but allows you to choose what you need, where you'll get it, and when you'll pick it up. Prepaying for a voucher allows us the upfront funds for seeds, labor, and crop preparation. You get the flexibility of choosing exactly what you need when you need it. We will honor vouchers at the Warner Farmers Market, Concord Farmers Market, and up at the farm. 

Voucher holders have access to pre-order our hot-selling items for pick-up at your chosen location. Using a special access code that we'll tell you when you buy the voucher, sign in below and let us know what you'd like by noon the day before pick-up. This is a first-contact-first-served service as we just may not have enough (especially certain produce) to fill every order, but voucher holders get priority when you let us know what you'd like. We'll let you know if we have what you need so you can plan your shopping.  

If you use our pre-order system and do not pick up your order, you have a few options. Perishable items, like produce and flowers, will be kept at the farm for 24 hours and will be available for you to come pick them up. If you do not pick up your perishable items within 24 hours of the end of market or your pick up day, you will be charged for those items. Any meat or syrup will be returned to our inventory and you will not be charged. We want you to get your order so if you encounter any issues, call or email us and we'll do our best to make it work!

Use the form below to contact us about getting a voucher or check out our farmers market schedule and pick one up in person. If you already know you want a voucher, come see us at a farmers market or can  mail a $300 check made out to "Kearsarge Gore Farm" to Kearsarge Gore Farm, 173 Gore Rd., Warner, NH 03278. We will have your voucher ready at the next farmers market and tell you the pre-order password!