Starting in mid-February, we walk many miles in the snow and sun and rain to tap near 2,500 maple trees on our farm on the side of Mt. Kearsarge. We collect enough sap from those trees to make about 700 gallons of syrup each year. Our wood-fired evaporator is fed with wood from our own sustainably-logged land.

If you’ve never seen maple syrup being made in person, we’d love to have you to the sap house to taste sap straight from the tree and syrup hot from the fire!

We have three grades of syrup available: amber, dark, and very dark. For those of you who love ‘B’ grade syrup, we recommend the dark and very dark.  

Half Pint… $8 
Pint… $12 
Quart... $20 
Half Gallon... $32 
Gallon... $55

We also offer liters and half gallons in reusable glass containers.

Syrup is available at the farm, our farmers markets, or other distributors! Email to ask about bulk syrup prices or shipping your syrup order.