Pasture-raised Lamb, Beef, and Pork

We raise a few animals here on the farm so we can eat meat from animals that we could ensure were raised in happy, healthy environments.


Dorset Lamb and Sheep

We raise between 20 and 30 Dorset sheep. They rotate around our pastures throughout the spring, summer, and fall, then spend their winters in the barn to lamb.


Devon Cows

Our cows are 100% grass-fed. They graze pastures around our property year-round. This is the same breed of cow you would have found on this property 150 years ago, as Devon are very suited to New England living.



We raise pigs from piglets to full grown pigs each summer. They have free range in a small pasture and woodland right behind our farmhouse. We feed them a mix of grain and our organic produce leftover from the gardens.